March 25, 2019
spam emails

Fighting Spam

We have all suffered from these annoying, time consuming, resource wasting and sometimes even dangerous or offensive spam emails. Most of us still do. There are […]
July 12, 2018
SEO optimization and analytics

Over Optimizing your Website for SEO

Let’s say that you’ve spent a lot of time and energy building a really great website, or hopefully hired Secure Digital Technology Group to do so, […]
July 6, 2018

What’s Phishing?

Phishing is a very sneaky type of fraud conducted over the Internet. Its name is a throw back to the early days of hacking and identity […]
June 28, 2018
backlink building

Backlink Building for SEO On A New Website

Link building simply refers to getting relevant sites to link back to your website.  This tells Google and other search engines that your site has relevant […]