Content Marketing is a Key Component of a Good SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy.  Being an expert in your field, doesn’t always mean you’re an expert writer.  Leave the writing and optimization up to us.


So, how do we use blog posts to drive traffic to your site, first we use blog posts to optimize long-tail keywords that are typically covered in our services or product offering pages.  This provides more search coverage for your potential customers to find you. Since we’re do work locally, we incorporate local information into the blog posts to make them more attractive and meaningful for local customers.

We add in “calls to action” into the posts and around the post.  We encourage readers to “get a quote” or “contact us” for help, more information or  service.

Our blog posts and articles have targeted keywords in their titles. But we don’t just stuff them full of keywords, we make them friendly to human readers and easy to understand what the article is about.

High quality content is key.  Google does a great job at making sure the content is good and only promoting content that is good. If its not good content that helps people, then the article will likely not rank very high in Google.  Ranking is super important when it comes to getting valuable traffic to your website.  Remember, marketing is just a trade on people attention.  Get the most targeted attention you can.

So, maybe you’ve tried blogging for your business before, but saw little to no results. What makes our service better?  Many other companies just buy articles and post them.  We analyze the content from our writers to make sure its locally focused to the area you do business.  For business in Rock Hill or Fort Mill, we make sure that those places are mentioned in the posts.  We also make sure the articles fit the keywords people are searching for.  If you have an old blog, with articles that aren’t relevant to your business, then we will remove those articles, and work on optimizing the other ones to help boost traffic.  Removing irrelevant post will actually increase traffic.  Blogging can help build traffic to your site, but it is playing the long game.  It takes hard work and time to make an impact.  Blogging works best when coupled with other SEO services and Pay Per Click marketing, which gets traffic to you right away.


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