We offer cyber security consulting, policy generation, auditing/assessments as well as internal and external penetration testing. We can assist with your GDPR and PCI compliancy requirements as well.


If you do business in the EU, then you need to know about GDPR.  Are you ready?  We can audit your GDPR process and show you what you’re lacking.  We also review and create policies and help make sure your website is GDPR ready.

Secure Website Assessment

Ever wonder if your website is secure or not? Our experts can review it and determine the gaps you have and how secure your site is.  Nothing can destroy a company faster than a data breach or a hacked website.  Give your business peace of mind and let us perform a security assessment of our website today.

Security Awareness Training

We can also host online or in person Security Awareness Training for your company.  The largest attack vector is the human element. We need to train our people to ensure we don’t make mistakes. 80% of all breaches come from social engineering, phishing or some other type of human manipulation. These can all be prevented with the right type of Security Awareness Training.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

What would you do if you lost your physical place of business?  Is your data in the cloud?  Is it replicated to another site?  What’s your written playbook for recovery? Let us help you build a plan to prevent loss incase the unthinkable happens to your business.

Policy Review and Creation

Do you know your business needs technical and security policies, but don’t know where to start?  Let us help you develop or review your existing technical and data policies.  This include: