For Local Business, Being Found on Google Local Search and in Google Maps is Critical.


Our first step is to make sure your Google Business Listing is correct and owned by you.  We’ve had some customers in the past who had no control of their local Google Business Listing.  If you don’t have control of it, that’s okay, we can work with Google to get you back in control of your local Google Listing.

Once that is done, we’ll add content, services, hours, and make sure all looks good on your listing.  Then we’ll work with you to setup a campaign to generate google reviews from your customers.  Reviews are critical for conversions.  Whenever I’m buying a product or service, I want to make sure there are good reviews.  If you’ve got happy customers, you should have good reviews.  We’ll put together a few ways you can encourage your customers to leave reviews.

Setting up the Google Business Listing is the first step for local search, but its not the last.  After this we’ll need to begin adding your site to directory listings in the area to build good backlinks. Backlinks boost organic search results in Google, Bing and other search engines.  Overtime, your site will begin showing higher in the local Google Search and on other sites as well.  Keeping up your Google Listing with updated photos, projects and posts are also important.  We typically recommend a blog to help with local search too.  Local listing along with PPC and other SEO products are can really boost your traffic give you great business leads.

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