Mobile App Design

We start out by designing your mobile app so that it offers a good looking interface and a very user friendly design for iPhone, Android, iPad and Kindle tablets.  To date We’ve designed more than 50 mobile apps, most of which are for all platforms.

App Development

When you embark on a mobile app project, you must note that your app development is never “finished.”  With updates to Android and IOS happening at regular intervals, you must release updated versions and regular enhancements to keep your app current. We can design and build an app for a single release, or setup a maintenance plan to regularly update and enhance your app.  These plans can be simple including a bucket of hours for enhancements and new features, or a monthly security and OS enhancement package that just includes keeping the app current and secure with OS updates and requirements.  Either way, we’ve got you covered.

App Store Optimization

So you’ve built a great app, but no one is using it?  That’s a common thing we hear from folks that either built their own app or hired another developer to build their app.  Just launching an app no longer guarantees users. You must market your app.  App Store Optimization is one way to get eyeballs on your app.  We optimize your description, title, keywords, icon and screenshots to ensure maximum downloads of your app.  We can couple this with traditional PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns to improve your visibility and grow your app user base. Its best to build a launch strategy before


    Some of Our Recent Work

    • bubble pops app
    • periodic table app
    • solar system