The fastest way to get traffic from Google is to use Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing.  You can waste a lot of money with very little results with Google’s Adword product if you don’t do your research and setup your keywords properly.  We’ll do all the research, setup your ads and monitor their performance to make sure your ads are getting the results you need.


The advantage of PPC is in its speed.  While SEO and organic search can reap enormous benefits, they take time to take hold, and PPC can start generating targeted traffic immediately.

The typical PPC monthly budgets start at $300 and go up from there.  Remember, when it comes to Pay Per Click, you get what you pay for.  The more you fund (to a point) the more targeted traffic you can expect to get. Based on your location and the keywords that are needed can help determine how much you should be spending for a good result.  The amounts vary based on competition and location.  Just like in real estate, location matters. We can target your results based on the location of the person doing the search.  If your business only services a certain area, we can make sure that only people searching in that area see your ad.  This type of targeting makes your marketing dollars go further.  Its always best to mesh PPC with other digital marketing campaigns.  Our other offerings are listed below.


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